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Tennis phenom Venus Williams is no stranger to tough competition, but when she has to also deal with dry eyes, it makes it that much harder. Enter, Systane lubricating eyedrops, a real partner that helps end her suffering and get her back in the game. Flavor CD Jason Cook shot this spot down in sunny Miami, FL in the spring.

Arc Worldwide

Working with agency Arc Worldwide, they collaborated on creating a realistic portrayal of a high stakes tournament match where Venus was competing for a new title. During a break, she takes a moment to treat her dry eyes with the Systane eye drops before joining in again to win the match.

Flavor had their hands full adding in branded signage to each shot and creating an in-eye graphic effect to visualize the medicinal properties of the drops and a CG drop splash on the box itself. The shoot was a blast and Venus was a total sweetheart, but fair warning, don’t be down court when she rockets those tennis balls towards camera and crew. Cuz.. YIKES.

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