Cap'n Crunch

Cap'n Crunch


Flavor teamed up with D3 to celebrate the Cap’ns 60th Birthday!


Managing Director: Neal Cohen

Executive Producer: Kate Smith

VFX Director: Rob Churchill

VFX Supervisor: Brian Higgins

Executive Creative Director: Brian McCauley

Colorist: Chris Elliott

Finish Artist: Michael Anderson

Animator: Emily Berveiler

CGI Artist: Thuc Nguyen

Associate Creative Director: Brad Backofen

Motion Graphics Artists: Anastasiya Bulavkina, JC Tecklenburg

Editorial: Cutters

Editor: Aaron Kiser

Assistant Editor: Kaeley Melaniphy

Producer: Natalie Stone

Sound Mix and SFX: Another Country

Mixer: Erik Widmark

Audio Assistant: Lucas Hansa

Producer: Josh Hunnicutt

Executive Producer: Louise Rider

Managing Director: Tim Konn


Happy Birthday Cap’n!

Showcasing the different variations of the Cap’n throughout the decades, these fun spots take us on his historical journey. Not only do we visit the past, but we see his newest 3D look come to life!

Under the Hood

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Happy Birthday Cap’n!

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