Honda Decisions

Honda Decisions


Being a millennial just out of college means having to make a whole lot of decisions. Like how should you spend your paycheck or what should you do when you get home from work after your commute? Flavor director Jason Cook teamed with MUTT Film and agency MUSE to find out the answers to these tough questions. Jason shot 4 talent on a green stage performing to all kinds of decisions being thrown at them.


Creative Director Jason Cook

Executive Producer Darren Jaffe

Art Director Ella Yoon

Designer Chris Jun

2D Animator Taekyu Kim, David Do, Andy Becker

VFX/Online Blake Huber



How we did it. Back at the Flavor office, he worked with the team to develop a cohesive visual language and animation technique to help narrate each spot. Besides roto, comp, and color, Flavor also gave all of the set dressing a monochromatic look in post.

At the end of the films we learn that the easiest decision of all is to finance your new Honda through HFS. It’s a good thing cuz adulting is hard man.



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All of the decisions, decisions, decisions.

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