What if you could beat this summer’s heat wave with a heater? When Nyserda approached us with a campaign highlighting an energy efficient heat pump that keeps you warm and cool all year round, we instantly knew we had to create something truly special.


Executive Producer Darren Jaffe

Creative Director Jason Cook

Art Director Ella Yoon

Senior Motion Designer Colby Capes

Cell Animation Kurt Chang & Lyuben Dimitrov

2D Animation Rick Martin


Feels Just Right

In collaboration with team Nyserda, we are proud to showcase this important campaign - packed with stunning design and animation - in hopes that it will inspire many to replace their furnace with confidence and achieve the best of both worlds. All year round. This creative campaign had an important message to convey. We recognized that beautiful and unique visuals were not only crucial in engaging the viewers and getting the message across but also important in doing all of that with a touch of humanity. With this objective, our creative team at flavor approached each campaign spot from multiple angles with an open mind. Whether it’s simple yet nuanced icons dancing out of a heat pump or elaborate illustrations of a wall calendar, in the end, flavor and nyserda were able to create something we are both very excited about - a campaign with two distinct pieces, embodying one cohesive message.

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Feels Just Right

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