Wendy’s Marketing Animations

Wendy’s Marketing Animations


Flavor teamed up with Wendy’s to bring their different customer types to life using animated Frosty characters


Managing Director: Neal Cohen

Executive Producer: Kate Smith

Executive Creative Director: Brian McCauley

Art Director: Mack Neaton

Associate Creative Director: Colby Capes

Lead Animator: Anastasiya Bulavkina

Designers: Adam Kohr, Marly Koven

Animators: Torey Kervick, Matt Trudell, Adam Kohr, JC Tecklenburg

Sound Mix and SFX: Another Country

Sound Designer / Mixer: Jordan Stalling

Audio Assistant: Brett Rossiter

Producer: Josh Hunnicutt

Executive Producer: Louise Rider

Managing Director: Tim Konn


Fast Food Fandom

With a small army of designers and animators, we brought 4 different Frosty characters to life who represent the different types of clientele that frequent Wendy’s. From fast foodies, to folks committed to the classics.  From self care seekers to those who just want some wholesome fun. We had a blast showcasing each one.

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Fast Food Fandom

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