Chevy Iconography

Chevy Iconography


Our new besties at Commonwealth commissioned us to concept, design and produce 43 animated feature videos that were geared toward prospective Chevy buyers.


Creative Director Jason Cook

Executive Producer Darren Jaffe

Producer Mickey Briggs

Art Director Ella Yoon

Designer Hanna No, Rachel Hwang

Animator Billy Maloney, Brad Backofen, Andy Becker,  Dan Meehan, Clayton Anderson, Rick Martin, Brian Castleforte, William Salas


Each film explains the different features in a fun and playful way that is meant to be both engaging and entertaining. As this was a global project, the videos also had to be generic enough to work for every single market where Chevy is sold across the world.

This meant designing everything from scratch using a cohesive design language to create continuity throughout the entire campaign.

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43 animated feature videos

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