Dole Wiggles

Dole Wiggles

The Distillery Project

We worked with The Distillery Project to bring this adorable Dole project to life. Only the fun fruits giggle, wiggle and jiggle!

The Distillery Project

Managing Director: Neal Cohen

Producer: Bruce Rindler

Executive Creative Director: Brian McCauley

Colorist: Alison Bloom

Finish Artist: Alison Bloom, Chris Elliott

Associate Creative Director: Colby Capes

Motion Graphics Artist:  Sam Stucky

Editorial: Cutters

Editor: Marian Oliver

Assistant Editor: Jack Taylor, Ashley Smith

Producer: Patrick Casey


First, we worked closely with the agency and production team to ensure we captured the wiggliest of fruits. Then with design, animation and A LOT of rig removal, we turned these practically shot items into adorable characters. With a less is more mentality, our animations were minimal but precise, giving these little guys just the right amount of personality.

Under the Hood

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We like to see you wiggle wiggle for sure.

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