Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen


Together with our friends at Barkley and MK Films we brought to life DQ’s new spring treat collection in this fun dance party inspired animation.


Creative Director Brian McCauley

Executive Producer Neal Cohen

Producer Kate Smith

Art Direction Brad Backofen and Mack Neaton

Senior Motion Designer Brad Backofen

Animation Scott Pellman, Brad Backofen, and Thuc Nguyen

Finishing and Color Rob Churchill

Finishing Ryan Esboldt


It’s a full on dance party with Dairy Queen’s Spring Treat Collection.

To help Dairy Queen launch their new Spring Treat Collection, we worked with our friends at Barkley and MK Films. Through the process of pre-visualization we blocked out each shot in 3D before the real products were captured on set. We then tracked each shot and replaced the backgrounds with our brightly colored dance scenes. Taking the best of both worlds, real products and 3D design and blending them together. We wanted to capture that feeling of having a delicious Dairy Queen treat on a crisp spring day. Would you do a little dance? You know we did.

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Spring Treat Collection

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