Leo Burnett

We teamed up with our friends at Leo Burnett to show that Kashi cereals can be enjoyed by everyone

Leo Burnett

Managing Director: Neal Cohen

Executive Producer: Kate Smith

Producer: Brittany Maddock

VFX Director and Unreal Artist: Rob Churchill

Colorist: Brian Higgins

Finish Artist: Michael Anderson

Animator: Adam Kohr


To show that Kashi isn’t just for the free spirited, crystal loving paddleboarders, we transport our hero from a luscious landscape to the comfort of her own home. We used Unreal Engine to create this magical world filled with hummingbirds, waterfalls, rainbows, and lily pads. The talent was shot on green for our “Kashi” world and we worked closely with agency creatives in Unreal to make this fantasy a reality.

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