In “Mobility” our character takes on the world with his mobile phone and other new wave technologies throughout his adventure. He battles dragons, slaloms though a winter wonderland, and determines what he wants for dinner, all with the stroke off his hand. Pizza Party!


Creative Director Jason Cook

Executive Producer Darren Jaffe

Producer Sarah Casillas

Art Director Ella Yoon

Designer Kris Wong, Tae Kim, Ken Lee, Rury Lee, Ashley Beccera

2D Animator Andrew Soria, David Do, Mark Kim, Maithy Tran, Chris Anderson, Adam Kohr, Sam Sparks, Clayton Anderson, Jason Lowe, Andrew Soria, Angie Son

3D Animator Ian Mankowski, Vinh Chung, Andy Kim, Brad Backofen, Frank Shi

VFX/Online Blake Huber


KarshHagan tapped Flavor to create an a multiple spot campaign for Arrow Electronics, over a 3 year period.

Flavor went to town, creating original characters, expanding stories, and pushing each spot into its own visual language. The real challenge came when trying to tie all the stories together conceptually. Each story tells the journey of technology through a five year old’s eyes.

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