Walton Isaacson

We got tapped to help Lexus Japan launch their new EV by creating a brand-centric animated world that communicated the new features and technologies.

Walton Isaacson

Creative Director Jason Cook

Executive Producer Darren Jaffe

Producer Wendy Umanzor

Senior Art Director Ella Yoon

Designer Pasquale Garibaldi, Ella Yoon

Animators Oliver Wee, Song Kim, David Do, Tony Kandalaft, Lyuben Dimitrov, Kurt Chang


Lexus Japan needed to make a big splash to reveal their new LF-Z concept car.

Working with the fab team at Walton Isaacson, we helped them concept, design, and animate a 2 minute film that captured the passion, spirit, innovation, and design of the vehicle. The mixed media piece is a stream of consciousness journey visualizing a conversation between the Chief Engineer, Takashi Watanabe, and the President of Lexus, Koji Sato. The piece was just a part of a much larger 10 minute presentation that Flavor helped with VFX, composite, and finish. Our friends at Cutters did the edit of the whole run of show. We are so proud to have lent a hand in helping to reveal the future of Lexus.

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The new LF-Z concept car

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