McDonald's Happy Meal

McDonald's Happy Meal

We Are Unlimited

Another fun spot for McDonald's. This time with American Greetings cards in the form of little monsters that you can color.

We Are Unlimited

Creative Director Brian McCauley
Executive Producer Neal Cohen
Producer Kate Smith
Producer Christina Yiallouris
Lead Designer Mack Neaton
Designer Danielle Otrakji
Lead Animator Colby Capes
Animator Brad Backofen


Let’s take a bike ride with Hello Kitty and Chococat on a bike ride through their town, Keroppi parachutes from above, landing safely on the bike. Just in time for Valentine's Day these Sweetheart Clip Gloss let kids give more than just a heart with a message. They open to reveal a mirror and lip gloss. Clip it to your bag. Give the love.

What’s better than receiving an emoji? How about a plush emoji you can hug?

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McDonald's Happy Meal

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