Secret Fort

Shifting what's possible. By pre-visualizing the entire commercial in Unreal Engine before the camera was turned on or a single frame was created in post.

Secret Fort

Creative Director Brian McCauley
VFX Director Rob Churchill
Executive Producer Kate Smith
Managing Director Neal Cohen
Unreal Engine Prviz Rob Churchill
3D Thuc Nguyen, Emily Berveiler, Brian McCauley, Krzys Pianko, JC Tecklenburg
2D JC Tecklenburg
Finishing Rob Churchill, Alison Bloom, Michael Anderson, Brian Higgins
Color Brian Higgins

Editor Kevin O'Brien
Assistant Editor Christian Leontios

Dictionary Films
Production Director Brian Broeckelman
Production Assistant Lilly Hanson
Producer Cody McGuire
Managing Director Chris Rossiter

Another Country
Mix Erik Widmark


Shift What's Possible

How do you show the engineering that went into creating International Truck's newest engine? The countless hours, and people all over the planet that helped create one of the most fuel efficient engines on the planet? You build it before their very eyes. When Secret Fort came to us with this idea we were super excited. Knowing that our friends at Dictionary Films were going to shoot the plates we needed to put the CG engine on, we did something we haven't done before. We began by cutting the spot in Unreal Engine. Before anything was shot or rendered, we collaborated with Cutters editor Kevin O'Brien and Dictionary Films Director Brian Broeckelman. Which made for a smooth shoot and edit process. Into post-production with a small army of 3D effects artists and finishers we brought it home.

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Shift What's Possible

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