Maytag Powerful Pep Talk

Maytag Powerful Pep Talk


Our long running Maytag partnership at Digitas worldwide opened up into a brilliant new opportunity for the Cutters family. Collaborating with the agency, we helped them craft a new campaign for Maytag that featured everyone’s favorite contortionist appliance delivering his wonderfully dry lines to various people in different situations. Shot on the Whirlpool stages in Benton Harbor, MI, Flavor CD Jason Cook directed the seven spots over two days.


Creative Director/Director Jason Cook

Executive Producer Darren Jaffe/Neal Cohen


Flavor VFX supervisor Brian Higgins was on set to insure we had everything we needed for the VFX and cleanup to work flawlessly. The spots will be seen as pre-rolls for college football highlights.

To our friends at Digitas: Let’s do more!

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Everyone’s favorite contortionist.

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