AICP 2023

AICP 2023


For this year’s suite of its illustrious global awards competitions, The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) chose us to unify each show’s visual packaging with the goal of connecting them, while also giving each a distinct identity.



Managing Director: Neal Cohen

Executive Producer: Kate Smith

Producer: Brittany Maddock

Executive Creative Director: Brian McCauley

Associate Creative Director: Brad Backofen

Associate Creative Director: Colby Capes

Art Director: Mack Neaton

Motion Designer: Adam Kohr

Motion Designer: Anastasiya Bulavkina

Motion Designer: Dean Mosier

Motion Designer: Erica Kim

Motion Designer: Marly Koven

Motion Designer: Matt Trudell

CGI Artist: Emily Berveiler

CGI Artist: Thuc Nguyen

Finish Artist: Ryan Esboldt

Another Country

Managing Director: Tim Konn

Executive Producer: Louise Rider

Producer: Josh Hunnicutt

Producer: Darcy Diplacido 

Creative Director, Composer: Joe Philips

Audio Post Manager, Sound Design: Jeremy Schemm

Mixers: Jordan Stalling & Logan Vines

Audio Assistant: Nora Strickstein


Executive Producer: Heather Richardson

Producer: Brittany Maddock

Editor: Tom Brassil

Editor: Nick Chiou (Sponsor Reel only)

Assistant Editor: Ashley Smith

Assistant Editor: Leah Fishwick


Flavor Unifies Visual Treatment Encompassing The AICP Show, AICP Next Awards, and AICP Post Awards for 2023

We were drawn to the idea of “nature as canvas, where the beauty of the natural world can be molded and changed to create something new. We created the flowers in 3D and used their surfaces as a moving canvas to create something familiar but unique; a new perspective.

To set each show apart, we  focused on bold, bright, pop gradients for The AICP Show, on paint and pastels for The AICP Post Awards, and on a more graphical, techy look for The AICP Next Awards. To complete the package, Another Country’s Joe Philips composed original music giving each show a unique and distinctive sound using overarching sonic language. By his account, The AICP Show was sonically conceived as a bold and dramatic hybrid-orchestral score, The AICP Post Awards as a subdued and light electronic-pop-rock piece, and The AICP Next Awards as a forward leaning, alt-glitch arrangement.

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2023 AICP International Awards Show

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