It took three planes and an automobile for Flavor LA Director Jason Cook to get all the way to the location at the Moran Iron Works in Onaway, Michigan to shoot these spots for Carhartt. They hit him up to help them create a new look for their tech line of ultra tough weather resistant gear. Playing off of a “bullet time” frozen moment effect, Jason proposed throwing down a 225 degree circle dolly to orbit around the workers as they did their thing.


Creative Director/Director Jason Cook

Executive Producer Darren Jaffe

Art Director Ella Yoon

2D Animator David Do, Andy Becker

Finish Compositor Blake Huber


After extensive storyboards and pre-vis, he shot the footage at 120 FPS so that in post he could build in some dynamic speed ramps for dramatic and narrative effect. The talent were real workers at the facility and because they actually had nice weather, they had to create-in camera practical effects for the snow and rain.

Flavor was responsible for designing, animating, and tracking in the supers as well as color and finish.

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